New Coffee Alert: Annuals Winter 2018


New Coffee Alert: Annuals Winter 2018

Posted on Wednesday, January 3, 2018 - 12:30pm By Michael Harwood

Ceremony Annuals Winter 2018 Blend

Annuals are colorful, seasonal blends that highlight extraordinary coffees. Winter 2018 speaks to the fuller, richer side of our Annuals line-up, making this the ideal blend for our coldest, darkest season. Our red-brown, black cherry-forward Colombia Tatama takes the lead as sixty percent of Winter 2018. Clean, sweet, and balanced, this coffee from Risaralda is roasted with the intention of deepening the sweetness from malt to dark chocolate. Constituting the remaining forty percent, our golden brown, caramelly Sulawesi PT Toarco Jaya Peaberry creates a complex counterpoint to AsoApia's chocolate and cherry. Providing an exceptionally full body, Toarco Jaya adds some of the best flavors we've found from the Indonesian archipelago. Imagine caramel, sweet ginger, and molasses in a dense, syrupy cup that tastes great black AND stands up to a little milk or cream.

60% Colombia Tatama | Risaralda Department | washed Castillo + Caturra
40% Sulawesi PT Toarco Jaya Peaberry | Toraja Region | washed S795

Expertly roasted and blended for exceptional extractions from Auto-Dripper to Espresso, Winter 2018 is the perfect coffee for your brew method of choice. Here are a few starting-point brew recommendations, though we encourage you to explore and find your own favorite methodology!

Auto-Dripper aka Mr. Coffee - 1:16 brew ratio. Medium-coarse grind. 5-6 min. brew time. 208℉ brew water temperature.

French Press aka Press Pot - 1:15 brew ratio. Coarse grind. 6-7 min. brew time. 208℉ brew water temperature.

Espresso aka a Shot - 1:1.75 brew ratio. Fine grind. ~30 sec. brew time. 201℉ brew water temperature.

Being dialed-into Winter 2018 tastes something like: Brown sugar aromatics. Dark chocolate and almond cookies in a warm, cozy cup. To enjoy a juicier, more cherry-like cup, try incrementally raising your dose and coarsening your grind. To get a deeper, more chocolatey cup, we suggest lowering your dose and fining up your grind. Juicy, balanced, or sugar browning, we think you'll love getting dialed-in with this blend!

Enjoy a one-of-a-kind, beautifully-designed 12oz. bag this Winter season only.