2012 US Brewers Cup Runneth Over


2012 US Brewers Cup Runneth Over

Posted on Thursday, April 26, 2012 - 2:30pm By Ronnie

The 2012 Brewers Cup was held in Portland last weekend in conjunction with the USBC and SCAA Event, and somehow the nicest guy in the world snuck in and won for the second year in a row. We couldn't be more giddy for our good buddy and head roaster Andy Sprenger, who worked hard sourcing, roasting, re-roasting, brewing, and re-brewing to win all over again. He put an insane amount of energy into prepping for a competition that was stiff with killer competitors and coffees from Coava, Cuvee, Handsome, Kaldi's, Intelligentsia, Verve, and more. If you see Andy before he heads off to Vienna, Austria to compete in the World Brewers Cup, slap a big five and wish him luck!

If you're curious where he's headed, this is from WBC:

The World Brewers Cup highlights the craft of filter coffee brewing by hand. This competition appreciates all the various methods of manual coffee brewing in a setting that rewards great quality and service excellence.

In the first round, competitors are provided the same coffee to prepare 3 brews in 7 minutes. Competitors are judged on sensory evaluation alone. The top 6 competitors proceed to the final round. During the final round, competitors provide their own coffee and have 10 minutes to prepare and serve 3 brews with a presentation that enhances the coffee experience. Competitors are judged on taste (70%) and presentation (30%). The top scorer in the final round is named the World Brewers Cup Champion.

If you're extra curious about brewing, we'll post Andy's US Brewers Cup recipe here soon.

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