Newest Arrivals

Kenya Kiangoi

Empty all your other shopping carts, and just blow your whole May budget right here: Our new-arrival Kenya is layers of dark honey, dark berries, and molasses in a super-vibrant cup. Learn more or grab a bag here.

What's Happening


Our release of Spring 2016 continues a year-long series of exciting seasonal blends. Each of these blends is roasted to be used in either filter or espresso methods. To learn more about this amazing project and how to brew them, head over here.


Public Events

Weekly Coffee Break: Around the Flavor Wheel - ANNAPOLIS

Join us in our Annapolis Roastery Workshop every Friday at 11AM for a lively, informative tasting of what's new + exciting at Ceremony!

Observing the SCAA Coffee Taster's Flavor Wheel has helped countless coffee lovers better understand their brews. Please join us for a sensory experience of the aromatic + taste wheel recognized by coffee professionals across the world. Prepare to dial-in your palate!

Complementary for all!