Newest Arrivals

Ethiopia Worka

The delicate and delicious Ethiopia Worka has returned for a third year in a row. We are repeatedly impressed with the level of quality coming out of the co-op. Treat yourself to a bag here.

What's Happening


Our progressive espresso series Asymmetries just dropped again. Join us this year as we explore the evolving interplay between two beautiful coffees—delicate Beriti and gregarious Wazzala Natural.

We’ve created four versions of Asymmetries, with a new release every three weeks. With each version comes increased clean and sweet, red and dark fruit presence that plays happily with milk and stands alone brilliantly as a shot. Version Three is available here and in our retail cafes


Public Events

Weekly Coffee Break: Asymmetries, the Taste-Off - BALTIMORE

Join us in our Baltimore workshop every Wednesday at 10AM for a lively, informative tasting of what's new and exciting at Ceremony!

If you've stopped in to one of our cafes on a recent weekend, you've probably noticed that every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday we change over our espresso from Destroyer to Asymmetries. Join us as we continue to explore our Asymmetries espresso series, and see how you like it best, as either an espresso or as a pour-over!

Complementary for all!