Newest Arrivals

Ocaña + Sasaba

Last week saw the return of an old friend and arrival of a new one. We're happy to welcome back for the 5th time, a crop from producer Roberto Sanchez, Guatemala San José Ocaña. Offering a super sweet, pristine cup, this coffee is a prime example of high-grown Guatemalan Coffee. Ethiopia Sasaba comes to us from the Sasaba washing station in Guji. This coffee is the sum of the collective efforts of many specialty-focused smallholder farmers. Expect a polished, fruit-forward assault on your palate.

What's Happening


Every week we systematically evaluate our offering to stay dialed in. As we sipped and slurped recently, we started asking ourselves if there's room in our lineup for a blend that reflects seasonality and pushes an unabashedly bright, enzymatic coffee experience. Of course there is! So we developed a blend profile that joins fresh coffees in a way our current blends do not. Antithesis offers the deeper flavors imparted by the roasting process, Thesis gives us the caramel/sugar browning flavors that most have come to expect from house blends. In contrast to these comforts we invite you to step out and explore Archetype.


Public Events

10 - 11 AM
Public Cupping: Signature Beverage Showcase

Our baristas work hard to build some of the most flavorful coffee-based beverages you could imagine. Please join us for a look into their creative processes, then for a taste of our Autumnal Seasonal Signature Beverages.

free per usual
$5 suggested donation