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Holiday Twenty Fourteen

Another year spent at light speed. Twenty fourteen has been incredibly kind to us here at Ceremony. We've seen some beautiful coffees pass through our roasters, held some amazing events, and have even been fortunate enough to see Ronnie Haas take first place in NE Brewers Cup and Michael Harwood take 3rd in NE Barista Championship. Two of our favorite coffees so far have been the sugar browning bomb, Guatemala Ocaña and the fruit forward colossus, Ethiopia Sasaba. For this year's Holiday release, we've blended the two into an amalgam that highlights each coffee's specific beauty but also creates a harmonic resonance of flavor to create a unique and celebratory flavor profile. Pick up your bag here.

What's Happening

Winning Weekend

Every year coffee roasters, shops and independent baristas from all over the country converge to battle it out to see who will reign supreme as the Brewers Cup and Barista Champions. This past weekend was the Big Eastern Regional Coffee Championships. Our very own Ronnie Haas took first place in the North East Brewers Cup using our super complex Kenya Gondo. Michael Harwood, our Training + QA Manager, took 3rd place in the North East Barista Championship using an unheard of 3 different espressos, 1 for each of his three courses (Guatemala Ocaña, Ethiopia Sasaba and Kenya Gondo). In February, they both will travel to Long Beach, CA to compete on the national stage. We'll post the link and competition times so you can cheer along with us. Great job guys!


Public Events

10 - 11 AM
Public Cupping: Dictionary of Descriptors

Learning to pinpoint and articulate what you smell and taste is one key to unlocking a deeper appreciation of our favorite caffeinated beverage. Join us for an exploration of coffee's dictionary of descriptors - from acidity to zesty and beyond.