Newest Arrivals

DRC Muungano

We're super excited to share this amazing Congolese coffee with you. It's a stand out example of hard work creating a beautiful product. The Muungano Co-op is comprised of 2,300 quality driven farmers determined to work together by investing in nurseries, local washing stations and organic practices. You can pick up a bag here.

What's Happening

America's Best Espresso

At the end of an incredible weekend spent sharing beautiful coffees with thousands of people at Coffee Fest New York, we were fortunate enough to win, for a second year in a row, America's Best Espresso Eastern Regional Championship. Our Trainer, Michael Harwood, will be competing this fall in Portland, OR at the Grand National Championships. We couldn't be more excited. Don't worry, we're not keeping it to ourselves, this espresso is available in our webstore at this very moment. Be sure to grab it while you can.


Public Events

10 - 11 AM
Public Cupping: Triangulation

Can you taste the difference? Join us for a comparative cupping, also known as triangulation. When making decisions to bring in new coffees, we use triangulation skills to taste whether a coffee is consistent from cup to cup. For this event, we'll start with four of our favorite offerings. From those four, we'll create triangles of three cups, two of which will be the same. We'd like you to figure out which of the three cups is the odd coffee out. No coffee experience necessary, just a focused palate and a willingness to have some fun.