Newest Arrivals

Santa Lucia + El Aguacate + Sabri

This week saw the arrival of 3 breathtaking coffees. Brazil Santa Lucia, our first from this farm, is a meticulously naturally processed microlot with red-fruit complexity balanced by chocolate and hazelnut. Colombia El Aguacate comes to us from a small holder collective in the District of Santa Barbara. Each producer processes the coffee at their own farm immediately after harvest to ensure a super clean, delicious cup. Sumatra Sabri is an collaborative experiment with local farmers in Aceh. A well-selected and separated, carefully processed, Bourbon microlot, results in an incredibly articulate cup, running the gamut of vibrant green descriptors, tropical fruits and sugar browning.

What's Happening

We're Hiring

We are currently seeking a full-time Production Coffee Roaster to join our team. In this position, you are responsible for roasting coffee, assisting, and working closely with Head Roaster to develop roast profiles and maintain the highest quality of production roasting. Head over to our Jobs Page to check out the description and requirements. If you're interested in the position you can apply through the contact form or the link at the bottom of the description.


Public Events

10 - 11 AM
Public Cupping: Holiday Blend

Our hardworking team of elves have been busy crafting the perfect holiday blend for you and your loved ones to share and enjoy. Please join us for a free taste of this sweet, flavorful coffee that pairs well with all the traditional holiday foods we know and love.