Newest Arrivals

Winter Light Espresso + Gaitana

We just quietly dropped a stunning winter espresso and added a cozy, sugary new-arrival Colombia. Winter Light is a blend of two washed coffees that yields an Old Fashioned-like espresso experience. Colombia Gaitana is a washed Caturra and Castillo lot that presents an exciting example of a comfortable, sugar-browning-focused coffee that goes beyond the 3 Bs of brown, balanced, and boring!

What's Happening

Back into the Arena

On the 19th of this month, we're headed to the U.S. Coffee Championships. Michael will be competing in the Barista Competition and Ronnie will be competing in the Brewer's Cup. Each has been tirelessly training, brewing and re-brewing to perfect their presentation and technique. We'll be reporting on their progress, as realtime as possible, on our twitter and facebook feeds, so be sure to follow/like us to stay informed.


Public Events

10 - 11 AM
Public Cupping: Tea Time

Don't tell anyone, but we secretly enjoy a cup of tea now and then! Join us to learn about and taste the differences between teas. From green to black, you'll discover what you like, why you do, and how to brew some great tea yourself.