Newest Arrivals

Colombia La Esmeralda + Kenya Gatina

A state of multiple-arrival, single-origin happiness is happening right now, right here.

What's Happening

Summer 2016

Our release of Summer 2016 is the freshest flavor party in our year-long Ceremony Annuals. Every seasonal blend in Annuals is roasted for use in filter or espresso methods. To dive in with us, head over here.


Public Events

Weekly Coffee Break: Home Brew-Off - ANNAPOLIS

Join us in our Annapolis Roastery Workshop every Friday at 11AM for a lively, informative tasting of what's new + exciting at Ceremony!

There are so many ways to brew your morning cup at home, it's hard to know which you prefer. Let us help! Stop by for a demo of pour over versus press pot, then stay for a Q & A on the how and why of home brewing!

Complementary for all!